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Rebekah Kindall LPC, QMHP

I grew up in Huron, SD and led a fairly normal life until 14 years of age. On January 26, 2007 my older brother experienced a psychotic break and took my mother's life with a sword while hallucinating, thinking that he was "slaying a demon." His life was taken shortly afterwards by the police who were forced to shoot him after their attempts of tazing him multiple times were proven ineffective. I owe my life to those officer's bravery.

That day changed my life. It's been a long road from that point. Some of life's twists and turns have led me to become a counselor where I have a passion for educating my clients about trauma and helping them work through their pasts. That is my goal for this blog as well. I want to spread awareness of some of the ways that trauma can impact us whether that's through the use of my own story or from the stores of the information the field of mental health has provided us on the matter.

When I'm not writing or working, I try to keep up with my 3 young children... or I play/write music, or hike, or run for pleasure, or pretty music anything else that is active or creative. Life is short.
I never want to take one day for granted.

Thanks for reading Behind the Curtain.

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